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Since 2003, ACT's Junior Troupe has offered hundreds of children the opportunity to perform in main stage productions with the support of our experienced creative staff.  Here are some of the reasons why our young performers - and our audiences - keep coming back.  


Our Junior Troupe is staffed with directors, choreographers, producers and technical staff who have years of experience working with young people in theater.   For example, our resident choreographer, Janice Paganelli, has choreographed over 30 productions with children ages 10 to 18.  And, our Junior Troupe is supported by the same experienced staff as our adult productions.  Not only do our young performers learn how to be their best onstage, they are also learning about how a sucessful theater company is run. 

No Participation Fees

Participation in our Junior Troupe productions is based on matching each child's interests and abilities with the particular production.   Because we do not charge tuition fees, cost will not preclude a child from working with us.  Our Junior Troupe families are encouraged to assist with the productions.  

To find out more, contact us.

ACT Resources

Our Junior Troupe is completely integrated into our organization, allowing it to access the same resources as our adult productions, including:


~ Rehearsal space in the actual production space.

~ Professional directors, choreographers, and musicians.

~ Costumes, sets, and technical equipment.

~ Production services, including advertising and ticket sales.

“My children and I have been in several shows. [ACT’s productions] are high quality performances and involve a diverse cross section of the community. ACT is very grounded in the community."...Parent

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to everyone at ACT for their hard work and dedication to our kids! It builds on the kids’ characters…and that is something that stays with them forever.” ...Parent

Our students and their families often describe their participation in our Junior Troupe as the experience of a lifetime. 


Don't take our word for it.  Here is what they say:

“My son has participated in ACT shows for two years…The members of ACT accept our children as a part of their own family. The experience we had in these two years has…not only improved his singing, dancing and acting, but also in personal areas, such as discipline, respect, companionship, organization and responsibility.” ...Parent

“My teenage daughter has been involved with ACT Junior troupe for the past 4-5 years. Among the many wonderful things ACT offers to kids is…..they get to just ‘be’ a kid learning and loving theater and making new friends….from different backgrounds. And whether a beginner or someone who has experience doing theater, everyone gets to shine.” ...Parent

“ACT creates an atmosphere where every child feels like an essential and integral part of the process. A community develops and the children bond with each other in a very deep and meaningful way.” ...Parent

“My 13 year old son has just performed in his third show. To see him take his bow on stage still brings tears to my eyes….” ...Parent

To find out more, contact us.


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