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Theater Parking (18 Kensington Road)


Handicap Drop-off:  There is a small cut-out on the sidewalk at the front entrance of the theater on Kensington Road that is handicapped accessible and perfect for drop-offs

Where to park (Friday, Saturday eve, Sunday):

- Sagamore Rd.

- Kensington Rd.

- "Kensington Parking" Garage (15 Kensington Rd) - use any spots that say P, R or M.

***Please do not park in the small church parking lot.***


All parking is FREE for Friday, Saturday eve, Sunday shows


Where to park for Saturday matinee:

Paid parking is available in these areas:


- Sagamore Rd - quarter meters or PANGO app

- Kensington Rd - PANGO app only

- "Kensington Parking" Garage:

- limited public spaces (marked "P") and handicapped parking;

- pay at paystation or PANGO app


More information is available here.

TRAVELING BY TRAIN?  The theater is a 2 minute walk from Bronxville Train Station!

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